Classic Question Banks to New Quiz Item Banks

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Hello! I'm an instructional coach working with my AP Gov team. They currently have 1000+ questions over various classic quiz banks.

I have already successfully moved specific banks over to the New Quiz Item Banks, but it is super tedious. The process I went through is as follows:

  • Created Classic Quiz and added every question from a bank
  • Migrated that quiz to New Quiz
  • Manually chose each question in the New Quiz to add to an Item Bank

I'm glad that I can do this, however, I'm hoping there is a way to save time.

Is there a way to migrate an entire question bank to an item bank? Can it be done through a .zip file, or do I have to go through the steps listed above for every single bank?

Some help on this would be great! Hopefully there is a more efficient way, or we are going to have to carve out some serious time to transfer all of these questions.

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Community Coach

Hi @DannyMalooly , yes you can. Export the classic quiz after you added the questions from the test bank. Click on Item Banks in the course menu. Create a new item bank and import the quiz export as a QTI file. Here is a link to the Canvas guide: 

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