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Is there a way to delete a student's attempt on a quiz? I know you can allow multiple attempts, but I would like to clear the attempt completely from grades. Is that possible?

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Hi  @jcox1  - Basically, the answer is least for now.  About all you can do is, as you said, allow multiple attempts or (in the case of a quiz that allows only one attempt) to give an individual student another attempt, as covered here: Once I publish a quiz, how can I give my students extra attempts? 

There is, however, a Feature Idea that is still open for voting that is currently on the Product Radar.  It does not hurt to register your vote here: , since there is still no firm date/timeframe indicated for this, though as you may be aware, the Canvas engineers are quite busy with Priority: Quizzes.Next‌ .

I hope this helps, Jo!

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Hold the fort! I added .1 to the marks and it took that as the score.

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