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Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere or if I'm not seeing a feature that is already available in Canvas, but can Canvas/Instructure consider adding a feature to allow a course builder to copy (using the Copy feature or some other feature) discussion board forums from one course to another or even copying a forum post to another forum within the same course (without having to manually copy and paste from one forum to another)?

This would be very helpful because my team has a course in which we introduce ourselves, and right now, my team members have to manually copy and paste their introduction post from one forum to another because we don't use the forum from last year/semester when we start a new course every year, or semester to semester.


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Hi @manish_tripathi,

If you're talking about copying discussion replies (which I think is what you mean), that's not really possible in Canvas at this time as far as I know.  For something like an "Introduce yourself", the teacher could include their own info as part of the discussion prompt, but then students would have a harder time replying to that in an organized way.  I think copy/pasting or just making a post with new current info each time the course taught are really the best ways to go for this.


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