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Course Management

What is best practice for reteaching the same course? We offer online PD for teachers. When we close out the budget year, we need to close courses and reopen them in the new budget year. Previously, we made a copy of the course and titled it with the new year and concluded the old course. Because of our registration system that is separate from Canvas, we had hoped to reopen the same course to continue using the self-registration link we have posted in our other system. We concluded the course, and then un-concluded it. It wiped all students and grades away, but the discussions are still there. We would like a clean slate without deleting discussions one by one.

What is the best way to reuse a course?

Thank you and God bless,


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Hi  @sherry_hall  

I think that the best practice is the one that works for your institution. I immediately noted that you manage your faculty PD completely differently than we do; so our practices, whether best or worst, would not work for you at all.

We are a small school, so unless we make a significant revision to a PD course, we just run the same course year after year. If the course uses a Discussion, when the size gets unmanageable (too many posting to be any fun for facilitator or participant) , we copy it and unpublish the original.

If you want a clean slate, then simply copy the course into a new shell each year - all content comes over without any enrollments or submissions.

If you want to re-use a course, but keep it manageable, do what I said with discussions, inactivate enrollments as that will remove them from the gradebook, and make sure all due dates are current. Because inactivating students manually could be tedious in large enrollment courses, you may want to consider doing this via CSV file uploads.

Not much help I know, but I really don't see any potential for a "best practice", just examples of everybody else's "practices".


Thanks Kelley,

This actually is helpful!