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Course Menu

I can't open the course menu to see my classes on my computer, anyone else having this problem?

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It works for me 🤔.. have you tried to clear your history?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @kjazz ...

When you say your "course menu", are you referring to the "Courses" icon on the left-hand side of your global navigation menu of Canvas?  If so, if you click on "Courses" >> "All Courses", do you see any of your courses listed there?  If your courses are listed there, are they "published"?  If any of the courses are not yet published, then your instructor(s) have not made the content available to you and your classmates just yet.  However, if the courses you are looking for are not listed on your "All Courses" screen, then you will need to reach out to someone at your school...such as a local Canvas administrator or someone from your school's Online Learning/eLearning department.  We here in the Community don't have access to your school's Canvas environment, so it would be best to reach out directly to someone at your school who would be able to help you get these courses listed in your Canvas account.

I hope this will be of some help to you.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take well.