Courses disappeared from faculty dashboard - why?

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An instructor contacted me to say many of his current term course tiles disappeared from his dashboard. Upon checking the Courses > All Courses area, we found that *NONE* of his current term classes had the filled-in star -- not even the ones that were still visible. I had him click the stars of those that weren't visible and then he *only* had those classes he had selected. He went back and selected the others he wanted to see and could then see them all again. So, problem solved.

The real question is why this happened in the first place.

It may be coincidental, but several courses were pushed by API to our instance of Canvas for next term and he now has several unpublished courses visible on his dashboard for that term (note, also not starred).

Could it be a browser cache issue? I doubt it because, as admin acting as user, I saw exactly what he saw - not all expected courses & un-filled stars as explained above.

Any ideas as to the why???

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