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I want to copy some pages from another class to another as a faculty member. When I do and start editing the new class, it auto edits the class I copied from. I do not want this. Can someone help me. 

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@BetsyBierer ...

Thank you for sharing your process.  It sounds like you are following the steps outlined in this Guide:

How do I copy a module to another course? - Instructure Community (canvaslms.com)

When you copy content like this, the content that you copied over to the second course should be independent of the content in the first course...meaning, if you now edit the content in the second course, there should not be any impact to the content in the first course.

Have you tried clearing your browser cache/history to see if that might make a difference?  After doing this, I always suggest completely closing your browser, re-starting the browser, and then logging back in to Canvas to see if anything had changed (hopefully for the better).

If that still does not fix things, you might want to reach out to Canvas Support to see what they have to say.

Please keep us posted here in the Community...thanks!

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