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Customised Feedback | Mail Merge

I wanted to give more feedback to my students. That is the big challenging part for me, because that's time consuming because of 200 plus students enrolled in this course and sometimes when I communicate with the students and create one generating email, but it's actually addressing individually with their names.

So every time I spend lots of time copying and pasting and even if the message is same, I have to click the email and see individually and paste and then send them. 

How can I mail merge the feedback under the "Assignment Comments"? 

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Hello @JingYe2022 

Thanks for posting in the Canvas community. I hope you are well today. 

It looks like you are asking some questions about messaging students individually about their assignment feedback and customizing the feedback. I wanted to have you clarify a bit more on this as we might be able to get you a better, more detailed answer.

  • When you are messaging students about their assignment feedback, are you using the Canvas inbox? Or are you emailing them outside of Canvas using your institutions email system? 

I know with Canvas, you can send a message to all your students in a class and you can have it message them individually. The Canvas guide actually lists: 

"If your recipient list contains more than 100 users, your message will automatically be sent as individual messages to each user. As the sender, you will also be included in the total recipient count."

I know you said that giving your students feedback has been a bit of a challenging task, which is totally understandable with over 200 + students. Are you using the assignment feedback from within speedgrader or the gradebook? The reason I ask is because this will actually send the individual students a notification that only displays feedback on the assignment submission you are grading for them. You can also control when the feedback gets released to the students by adjusting the grade posting policy on the assignment.