Customising Canvas Dashboard For Students

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Hi, I'm trying to research whether it's possible to create custom dashboard designs with dynamic content for students in Canvas. Some of the things we were hoping to include in the dashboard:

  • Welcome message specific to the course the student is completing (changing depending on student progress)
  • Highlight time-sensitive assignments
  • Highlight completed courses
  • Provide progress indicators (eg. 3 of 4 units completed)
  • Embed a mini calendar of events (even just an iframe)
  • Embed a feed of news or updates from our main website (even just an iframe)
  • Embed Hotjar and Google Analytics to measure performance

Would any of the above be possible to integrate into the dashboard? I know we can implement custom CSS and JS, but we were looking at doing something more dynamic and are unsure if Canvas can facilitate this.

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Hello! @RichieRowling 

Currently, Canvas only has Card View, List View and Resent Activity that is available for the Dashboard. There isn't any way to really make that customized. If you decide to use a Custom CSS, Canvas Support won't be able to support that unfortunately. 

If you have a paid account, you may be able to contact Support or your Customer Success Manager to see if they have other options for you. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know! 

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