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Dates not adjusting when using adjust dates tool when copying content from one course to another

One of our faculty members is attempting to copy content from one to another and adjust the dates and time when doing so. When they attempt to shift the dates during the course copy, they get an error that says "Couldn't adjust dates on assignment <assignment name>, and seemingly none of the dates and time for the entire course content were adjusted in the copy. I have attached an image of the error.

Any idea what is happening? There doesn't seem to be anything special about any of the content to prevent it from copying.


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@SirDrAaron -

Just to throw this out there.  By chance do you know what dates the instructor was using for the adjusted dates?  Is it possible that those were incorrect in some way?


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No issue with the dates themselves. After speaking with Canvas support, they basically said this is an error that happens sometimes. I am going to try copying the content to a different course and then copy it to the final destination to see if that solves the issue.

EDIT: Copying the content to another course did nothing. So, the issue must be with the Assignments appearing in the error, though I don't know what it could be.

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