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I am tech support for a recurring course every summer. Students have to discuss on weekly topics.  How can I go back to previous summer course (2021) and remove all student discussions?  The discussion topics themselves stay the same year after year.  I just need to remove the old student discussion replies so that the current students cannot see the previous students' posts.




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Hi there, @holmant ...

It sounds like you'd want to have a new course shell set up for your Summer 2022 course so that you can import the content from the Summer 2021 course into the Summer 2022 course.  This will copy all content but without the responses and grades from students who took the course in Summer 2021.  The new students in the Summer 2022 course won't see any of the student responses from the Summer 2021 course because they are not enrolled in the same course.  You'd be able to set up those same kinds of groups for the Summer 2022 that you had in your Summer 2021.

This Guide will help once you get your Summer 2022 course shell set up.  You'd want to log into your Summer 2022 course when using this you'll be selecting your Summer 2021 course during the import process.  How do I copy content from another Canvas course u... - Instructure Community (

Sing out if you have more questions about this...thanks!

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@holmant  - The advice you received from @Chris_Hofer is the best approach.

I also teach a summer course with the same course content, but different students every summer. Every summer, I start with a brand-new Canvas "course" on my Dashboard. The new students are enrolled in it. Then I "import" my course content from the previous summer's course. When I "import," I remove the dates. Then I assign new dates. (You can also try "shifting" the dates when you import.) This gives me a brand new course to work with.

Having a brand-new course card is a ***MUCH BETTER*** solution than trying to reopen an old course card with the former students' work.  


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