Deleted assignment group - graded submissions? (tried /undelete)

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How to get back a deleted assignment group - with graded student submissions? (tried /undelete)

  • With the /undelete, was able to get the assignment group title/group back, but there were no assignments within it...
  • Searched the /undelete, but the completed assignments were not there.
  • Also deleted from the gradebook 😞



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Community Coach

Hi @AnnHockett,

I'd honestly recommend contacting Canvas Support for this, as they may have more tools and insight into deleted objects than normal users (or even local admins like myself) do.  Depending how long ago things were deleted, I do know some tricks that involve using an institution's test/beta instance, which you may or may not have access to, to get assignment ids, then using developer tools tools to modify the ids on the undelete page.  It's very easy for this to go very wrong, so the steps are not something I'd post in the general community here, but just wanted to mention it because there are probably some options still available right now if it was a recent delete.


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