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There was a config issue with our Canvas instance that allowed self-registration for a short period of time. This was exploited by some spambots that created a whole heap of accounts with fake names and email addresses. Is there a method of deleting these accounts in bulk as opposed to each individually - as these are not SIS generated, the user report does not seem to pick them up.  These accounts are not enrolled in any courses. 

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Hello @dhumphreys!

Unfortunately the best option for mass deleting users would be via a SIS import, however you mentioned those users were created manually via self registration. Regardless of them not having SIS IDs they should be returned in a provisioning report configured for users. 

You would still have to cross reference those accounts, maybe by separating out accounts using emails assigned by your organization. Once you have those accounts filtered out, you can assign them SIS IDs and update them in your system by importing just those accounts, updated with SIS IDs. Once those accounts are updated with SIS IDs you can then change their status to deleted in the csv and import again using the option to override UI changes.


I tested this out in my own account and can confirm that it would work! Hope that helps.

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