Discussions missing for concluded students in a concluded course?

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I was just contacted by a student who has finished a course and his enrollment has been *concluded.* My understanding is that discussions should still be viewable to the student as read-only. 

Here is the student view when I masquerade as the student:

student view.png

Here is my view:

admin view.png

The discussions are there for me as admin, but not for the concluded student. I need to determine if this is a broken feature in which case I need to submit a support ticket OR if Canvas changed functionality intentionally OR if this is related to the issue of grades not showing for concluded students: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Known-Issues/OPEN-Concluded-students-see-N-A-for-some-all-grades-...

The checkbox to prevent students from accessing the course after being concluded is NOT checked so that's not the issue. 

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