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Hi if I want to be able to follow the students' writing process how do I do that in Canvas? The process is so much more importanta then the final submission for me. In Microsoft or google Classroom you can make an assignment and see the studnets work on it in real time. In Canvas even if you use Microsoft Cloud assignment you can only se a snapshot of the work as the student turns it in.

Apart from Microsoft we also use Canva, is there a way to combine?

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Hello @jonna_radegard 

Thank you for contacting the Instructure Community. I understand wanting to be able to watch student update their papers in real time i.e. like Google Docs so you can check on the progress and their edits. However, that option isn't really built in within the normal features we have on Canvas. The closest thing would be viewing page revisions but that is normally reserved for teachers and  students wouldn't get access to that unless you changed settings (which you can) or you created student groups and then the students could have a collaborative page where you can view the changes made. Here is the Canvas guide:

It may honestly be easier for you and them if you either created a Google/Microsoft assignment within Canvas or simply had them create their own Google docs and share them with you. This way, you could check on the student progress and papers in real time without worrying about pages or groups. There is a good likelihood Google or Microsoft has already been integrated into your course as many schools have other apps embedded at the root level. These are just some options, but you may want to discuss it with your school directly and see which would be best to fit your needs. Hopefully this helps. 

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