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Document-under-review name display in Assignment SpeedGrader

Not sure if this is something being addressed in New Quizzes (my institution does not have them enabled) but I am running into a serious time-wastage issue in reviewing Assignment submissions that contain multiple documents.

Namely, when students are allowed to submit multiple documents such as images directly from their phone cameras, the documents have random titles, all displayed in a list on the right side of SpeedGrader window. As such, I am not able to discern the content of each image based on the image document title. 

As I move through this list of documents in the reviewer on the right side, there is no way currently to keep track of which document in that list I am actually reviewing, i.e. I am unable, once I review the particular document, to easily the discern which document comes next. I am left with somewhat randomly clicking through the list to find which document was the one I just reviewed, and so that I can click on the next one on the list. Huge time (and patience)-eater.

Does anyone have a way to deal with this in Classic quizzes as they are set up now? 

Also, do you know if this is addressed in New Quizzes, as in, for example, the name of the file being reviewed being somehow highlighted and the place where the grade is in the list of documents clearly visible?

See attached a screenshot of the type of list I am referring to.

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Hello @AD20 

Thank you for contacting Canvas Support. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with Speedgrader loading multiple file submissions from students. The files that are uploaded should keep the same name as the students have it titled from their devices. You should be able to view the different files on the right of Speedgrader all listed out for viewing. Additionally, if they made multiple different submission attempts, that should be listed in the drop down via the top right corner of Speedgrader. However, it may be best if we look at the specifics to assist you.

Because of the complexity of the issue, and the concerns for privacy, it would be best if you contacted Canvas Support directly to pinpoint the source of the issue and provide a resolution: 

Thank you for the response.

There is no issue with uploading the files nor with seeing the list of the files. And yes, the files are listed using the names that students (or their devices) have titled them.

The issue mainly arises when students are asked to submit images of their written work. They typically would do it by taking the images with their phone camera, then using the Canvas app to upload those images to the dropbox. Because the phones do not allow changing titles of image files, the students cannot rename those images before uploading them. As a result, the files that are uploaded have very generic names, created by the students' particular phone camera systems.

This list of files with non-file-content-specific names is produced by Canvas on the right of SpeedGrader. Once I click on one of the files in the list and it gets uploaded, the name of the file is underlined. However, the moment I start adding annotations to the actual file on the left in the SpeedGrader, I lose a reference to which file in the list the document I am currently working on belongs, because the underline indicating the file I am reviewing disappears. So, once I am done with the review of that one particular document, I have no way of knowing where that document is on the list on the right and, more importantly, which one comes next. 

Does that clarify my inquiry?

Hello @AD20 

Thank you for getting back to us. Yes that does help clarify the issue. If the students are taking screenshots with their phones and then uploading those directly without renaming them, the titles will be whatever the phone names them automatically. It would be best if the students were actually giving their images titles. However, it may be best to look at these examples specifically. 

Because of the complexity of the issue, and the concerns for privacy, it would be best if you contacted Canvas Support directly to pinpoint the source of the issue and provide a resolution: