Downloading Quizzes in another form than a zip folder

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I'm an instructor and am trying to download a quiz in one of the following formats: .DOC, .DOCX, .XML, .DAT. I have tried to place the quiz in a module by itself and download it from commons, but I can only get it to download in a zip file format. Thank you.

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Hi @TaraSchickel,

I think the closest you'll get to formats like you've mentioned here is to print the quiz and save it as a PDF form the print dialog box (most browsers and operating systems support that now).  The PDF may not be beautiful, and may have a lot of extra info, but it may be better than the normal QTI/zip or common cartridge export formats that are standards in the Learning Management System industry.  If you have a recent version of word, you'll likely even be able to open the PDF with it, though it'll probably take a lot of work to clean up if you're looking to make edits.

Let us know if this helps!


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