Editing Peer Review

Community Member

I'm wondering why we are unable to edit peer reviews. I recently had to submit a peer review on a discussion board, wrote part of the review, needed to go out of it to look at the question that were being answered and then was going to finish the review. Upon clicking "Save Comments" which to me indicates that we are saving it for later use, I was then told that I completed my review and was unable to go back in and edit it even though it was incomplete. Where my confusion is, why wouldn't we be able to go back in and edit it? Also, using the verbiage "Save Comments" is confusing as well as that indicates I'm saving it for later, where something like "Submit Comments" would tell me that I'm submitting and I can't go back in and edit them. Also, I only completed 1 of the 3 rubric grades that we needed and I was still able to submit even though it was incomplete. It seems like a flaw that the system would even be allowed to submitted even though it's not complete. If there are solutions to these issues, if you could please let me know, thank you.