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Many of my end-users have grown accustomed to using images with embedded links that act as "buttons" for their students.  The buttons (images) will contain course content links to guide their students to desired daily content.  Thus instructors are updating the buttons frequently (weekly or daily) as the course progresses.  However, with a recent release, it no longer seems easy to edit the image with course content links because that menu is not available for images.  Any advice will be appreciated.

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Do the following for an image that already has a link -

1. In edit mode, click the image to select it.

2. Click the link icon in the toolbar

3. Click "Remove Link"

4. Click the link icon again and click "Course Content"

5. Select your item from the course content menu.



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After an image is first added to the page, click on the image, then click on the link icon in the menu. Choose between an External Link or a Course Link. The option for a Course Link will pull up a menu on the right with categories for the different sections of a course: pages, assignments, quizzes, etc. This will set the picture as a clickable link.

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