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Editing point value in new quizzes question pools

I am learning new quizzes.   I have been happy with some of the changes but I am currently frustrated.  We are new to Canvas this summer so I hadn't really done much in classic quizzes.  I am hoping this is operator error.  I put together a quiz.  I had changed all of my point values to 0.5 points.  I moved the questions into question pools.  I then checked and all questions are worth 1 point.  I am not finding a way to change the point value by editing in the test bank and I can't edit in the quiz because it sends me to the question pool.  I am hoping that the solution is not that I need to select all of the questions in this bank, make a quiz, edit in the quiz and then resubmit them to the bank.  That would be a big waste of time.  Please help if I am missing something big.

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I, too, am attempting to edit point values within the item banks of the New Quizzes platform. When I create the quiz initially, I am able to edit the point values/totals, but then once those questions reside within the item banks, I am unable to edit the point values. I am also hoping for some direction/clarification on this.

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The point values aren't located in the item's after you put the question in a quiz, then you get to change the points. So yeah, if you want a question to always be worth 2  points, you'll have to change the point value every time you add that question to a quiz. I'm a relatively new user so I may be wrong...I hope I'm wrong. 

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For me, at least, adding questions to a quiz from a bank does not give me the option of editing the point value. It just dumps the question into the quiz with the value of 1 point.

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This is the same issue I am trying to resolve. Once a question gets put into a bank, I cannot adjust the point value of that question. If I try to edit a question once it is placed in a quiz, I have to edit a copy in the bank (this makes sense), but it will not allow me to edit the point value. Nobody has identified a solution?

Scroll down to the bottom portion of the question after you attempt to edit and you get the 'BANKED ITEM' pop up. You will find the point value in the lower left-hand corner. Bad placement if you ask me. I missed it several times and only accidentally stumbled upon it many attempts later:


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Access the quiz that you would like to link the Question Bank to.

Click Questions

Click New Question Group

Click Link To A Question Bank

Select Question Bank

Designate the number of questions and the point value per question.

This should resolve your issue. 

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But how can I change the point value of each question to something different?  I want some questions to be worth 1pt and some worth 2, and as far as I can tell importing banks the way you described only allows for changing all point values to be the same.  How can I edit the points for one question?