Editing point value in new quizzes question pools

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I am learning new quizzes.   I have been happy with some of the changes but I am currently frustrated.  We are new to Canvas this summer so I hadn't really done much in classic quizzes.  I am hoping this is operator error.  I put together a quiz.  I had changed all of my point values to 0.5 points.  I moved the questions into question pools.  I then checked and all questions are worth 1 point.  I am not finding a way to change the point value by editing in the test bank and I can't edit in the quiz because it sends me to the question pool.  I am hoping that the solution is not that I need to select all of the questions in this bank, make a quiz, edit in the quiz and then resubmit them to the bank.  That would be a big waste of time.  Please help if I am missing something big.

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Scroll down to the bottom portion of the question after you attempt to edit and you get the 'BANKED ITEM' pop up. You will find the point value in the lower left-hand corner. Bad placement if you ask me. I missed it several times and only accidentally stumbled upon it many attempts later:


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