Equally weighted assignments of different point values

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I've run into what I consider to be a lack of fairly basic functionality in Canvas grading. While I quite like the features of assignment groups, in that they let you create weights for each group much like a typical syllabus would be structured, there appears to be no way of weighting the assignments within a group.

For example, if I have a "Homework" assignments group weighted 40% overall, and I have 10 homework assignments in the group, each assignment much have an identical amount of points to be equally weighted within the group, that is if I want each to contribute 10% to group. To accomplish this I have to engineer each assignment to be exactly the same number of points which I find to be quite limiting and difficult to accomplish. It can result in calculating fractional point values for individual questions, etc., all to find our you have to recalculate due to minor restructures in an assignment -- it's also quite a time sync on my part.

The only ways I see around this are (1) make all assignments in a group 100 pts and manually enter assignment grades as percentage values out of 100, after converting their inherent points value to a percentage (2) making a separate assignment group for every individual assignment to control weighting which is clunky and fails to utilize the elegant tool of assignment groups or (3) painstakingly engineer all my assignments in a group to have the same point value.

A very similar issue as to mine was previously raised in another thread, dated 2018. Just wanted to do what I can to raise this issue again in the hopes of future functionality in this aspect. Thanks, -Jaime


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Community Team

Hi @jberez  -

Thank you for sharing your point of view with the Community. Other Community Members have shared a similar use case, and there is an open Idea Conversation that aligns: assignment weighting in assignment groups 

The more Community Members share in that thread, the more information will be there for Instructure's Product team as they look for future projects. What is the feature development process for Instructure products? 

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