Equations in Question bank breaking questions.

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I guess we had an update, because now when I try to create a question that contains equations in the answers or feedback, all I get is the code for the equation showing in the RCE rather than the equation I typed.  What is far, far worse, is that if I once save the answer or feedback by clicking "Done" and then click the edit again, the equations become completely screwed up, there are weird graphics pieces scattered around, blank space that cannot be removed, and the questions are never editable again.  Also, if you again click "edit equation" you get a blank editor - if you try to get out of it, or just "insert equation" with nothing in the editor,  you now get an error trying to upate or save the entire question.  I get a little red box "Unexpected Error ID 1584280" The question is completly corrupt.

In my research, it appears that this was done for some accessibily issue, which I never had, but now the equations are completly NOT accessible to me.  If this keeps up I'll have to go back to pasting pictures of equations that I make in a word processor like the old days.  The LaTex editor was great once it allowed re-editing of equations.  Now things are 100 times worse, because it breaks things I already had working if I go back to copy, update, or otherwise make changes.  If you look at the underlying html, you have pages of MathJax junk that completly obscures our own html, so if you like to edit things in the html, you are out of luck.  There is so much junk in there I'm surprised bandwith doesn't become a problem.

Please fix this.

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