Exporting grades to Excel - convert points to percentages

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I am attempting to export a gradesheet for a class to Excel and retain the percentages showing in Canvas. The percentages originally showed as points in Canvas; I selected to view them as percentages. Can I keep the percentages on export? Thanks.

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Hi @mabaryj 

Not sure exactly why you didn't just download and test this yourself, but if you have your Canvas Gradebook set to display totals as percentages, those percentages will also display in the export file.

Just tested this in a live classroom, and it worked as expected.


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Actually if I am reading the solution correctly, I believe it is mentioning the total column only as a percentage - which is correct.  However, what the original post and subsequent follow ups are asking about is for an individual assignment to show up as a percent instead of as points in the download.

So the solution posted is not correct for the question asked, but it is correct if you are just interested in the totals column

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