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Finding out most popular times/days students access the course

Is there a way to find out what the most popular times or days that all our students access the course? We are keen to know whether most students are active during the day v's night and weekdays v's weekends. We're hoping it can help us better understand our adult learners (school teachers and student services staff in high schools). Thanks in advance.

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Hi Lisa,  

I would start with the account level analytics,  this will show you a dashboard view of when users are in Canvas and can show days of the week.  

Time of day would be a bit more challenging,  and you may want to reach out to your CSM for advice or you could look at Canvas data if you have access and look for the specific data points to build a look at the time of day users are submitting various items.  One area that may be challenging is that access doesn't mean activity.  Students can have tabs open on their browser but they may not really be doing anything there.  


Sara Udelhofen