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Force students to move through Module in sequential order? I'm torn after a few years

I typically set modules to make students view every item in sequential order and turn in all assignments (or get a grade).

My question is if i force them to go through sequentially or not. I think this must make it easier to navigate the module if you don't read it all in one setting. And it keeps them from not "accidentally" skipping a page or two. But with this checked they can't go further if you apply points to an assignment and it isn't graded right away or if it won't be submitted right away and you have a second assignment right after. .

I was experimenting with badges. Some classes have badgr badges if they hit the goal on the assignments. These don't work well if you don't have "must score a level" if you force a sequential mode.

Anyone have schemes that work well with easy navigation when coming back and keeping track of students and possibly badges? Do students get lost if you don't have sequential mode turned on? I did when i took a training class. It is so hard to test this as a "real" student would see things even in student view.

I like to rethink things but not cause problems the first week. 🙂


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