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How do I fix my son's Global Announcements? I need to remove his old school. It is very confusing!

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Hello @dani9706. That sounds frustrating! I think there are a couple of things going on here. One is your son's user account still exists at his old school. Depending on that schools policies and practices, it might not be reasonable for that to be changed. 

On its own, that is not enough for the old school's global announcements still appear. My guess is there is a "trust" relationship between those two schools' Canvas instances. This allows users concurrently enrolled in those instances to access all of their Canvas courses from the same dashboard (i.e., they can use either login to access everything).

Another possibility is both schools are on the same Canvas instance (likely if both are in the same district or system) and the team creating the global announcements has not yet used the ability to limit which users receive those announcements. For example, global announcements can be done at the sub-account level. I do this in the district where I work -- we have four colleges sharing the same Canvas instance, but we often have different global announcements for each of our colleges.

I suggest contacting your current school's tech support team and let them know of this situation. It's possible that your son is not the only one who sees unnecessary global announcements, and your advocacy will help save other students (and their parents) some confusion.

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