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Google Cloud Assignment: Transitioning Away

Since the old Google Apps LTI is being replaced with Google Assignments LTI 1.3, our district would like to hide/remove the old functionality.

How are other admins handling this issue?

Would it be safer to completely delete "Google Apps" from the External Apps Settings page?

Or hide the app in the "placement" menu?



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We gave our staff a heads up starting last spring that we would be removing the Old Google LTI during the summer.

We chose to completely remove the old LTI.

Any embedded content that wasn't remade using the new Google LTI 1.3 causes an error to display and the iframe shows the course front page.

Old Google Cloud Assignments will display a missing link error when attempted to be opened. Those have to be deleted and remade.

We ripped the bandaid simply because supporting the old one was causing too many problems for student access.

If you do remove the old LTI, it also removes the "Google Drive" course navigation link and also removes Google Docs from Collaborations.

According to Google, they are working on getting Collaborations functionality for the new LTI, but no timeline is posted for it yet.


Chad Scott
Katy ISD