Google Drive & Office365 Not Showing in Left Navigation BAR

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Hello, some of my teachers do not see either Google Drive or Office 365 when the create a new course (have tried a few times).  However, other users see the two links (and created the accounts the same way).  Any suggestions?

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@JodiKriner ...

Right, but if your teacher goes to the "Settings" page of the course and then clicks on the "Navigation" tab, what are the layouts you see there?  The top set of boxes should show the current layout of the course navigation buttons.  The bottom set of boxes are items that are "disabled" and not shown on the course navigation.  You can drag those up into the top set of boxes so that they would be visible in the course navigation.  If you can get a screen shot of the "Settings" >> "Navigation" tab screen, that would be helpful.

How do I manage Course Navigation links?

Hope to hear back from you soon.

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