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Grade Passback Broken

I have students from 3 different schools in my Canvas course. I have set up all of my PowerTeacher Pro categories with the correct weight, imported the categories, organized my assignments into synced categories, deleted all unused categories, and my grades sync to two schools but do not go to the 3rd school. 

The error I am getting is: 

Assignment "1.0 | Historical Skills" is not in an imported/synced assignment group in Canvas. Please ensure all assignments set to Post to SIS are in an imported/synced category.
But that assignment is IN the synced category and goes to 2 of the 3 schools. 
I also tried remastering my grade passback and got the same error. Any suggestions? 
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Hello @MatthewLove 

Thanks for posting this in the Canvas Community! 

I would not be able to tell you what is causing that to happen without being able to take a look at your specific example. It sounds like something it out of order when you try to sync your grade Passback. You appear to have covered all your bases in troubleshooting this.  

It might be best to reach out to your school's admin or canvas support to have them look into the issue happening in your specific course. There might need to be something done on the Canvas side of things to get this assignment to start syncing as intended. Be sure to provide them with a link to your course, the assignment that won't sync and any additional information related to the grade sync error. They should be able to take a look into this and figure out why this is happening. 


Hopefully this helps! 


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