Grade Sync Error - Need to know the Assignment Number

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I'm getting an error message and it references the student by number(which I found under people), but it also references the assignment 'number' which I have not been able to find.  Anyone else?  I've posted the error message below. Could anyone tell me how to determine where the "number" is?


Unable to post score for student (student_42482) in assignment (678543). Score has been removed after original grading took place. This error can be disregarded and will disappear after a new score has been added to the student's submission.

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Community Coach

I don't have any experience with the grade sync tool, but generally speaking, if you know what course the assignment is in, the URL for the assignment will be 

https:// [my canvas server] / courses / [course id] / assignments / [assignment id]

If you don't know what the course ID is, I'd look at the "Page views" log in the student's user page and go review the pages that they are accessing around the time that the error is occurring.

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