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Grade display and SpeedGrader issues


1) We noticed that students were able to see their actual marks instead of their letter grades even after the assignment had been set to "display letter grade". Is there any way to resolve this?

2) In group assignments, instructors used to be able to see groups rather than individual students in SpeedGrader. Why are we seeing individual works rather than groups?

Thank you.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @norazmah_yunus 

I just researched your first question and tested it in one of my courses. I went in and changed how grades are displayed in one of my assignments and set it to display as a letter grade. When I went to the gradebook, it displayed as a letter grade as expected. The assignment was a discussion, so I also tried an assignment, again the results were as expected, and the gradebook displayed a letter grade. In both tests, I also checked the student grade reports, and while it displays the points earned, it also displayed the letter grade in parentheses.

If this is still a problem for you, you could create a new Idea Conversation for this functionality in this community.

Good luck,



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Thank you @kmeeusen for your reply. You're right, on instructors' Gradebook, only letter grades are displayed but my issue is that students can see their points on their Canvas. Hope this can be fixed. Thanks.

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

@norazmah_yunus  There's a long-standing request from instructors who do not want students to see the point values associated with their letter grades, only the letter itself: please add your comments to  Can't a letter grade just be a letter grade?

Hi @Stef_retired 

Owhh ok, thanks for your reply.