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How do I clear or delete an assignment submission for a student who needs to resubmit because there was an issue with their original submission?

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The short answer is that you can't. As an instructor, you can't delete an assignment submission. Neither can the student. What goes in Canvas stays in Canvas.

You can change the number of submissions for that Assignment, and the student can resubmit it. (Note: if the Assignment is still "open," other students will be able to resubmit their work.)

Your Canvas administrator, though, may be able to remove the initial submission. (I'm not sure about this.)



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Hello @LindseyWest1 ...

In addition to the information you got from @SusanNiemeyer, I'll also share this link with you:

Solved: Delete a single student Assignment - Instructure Community (

The information in this link, although this particular conversation first started in November 2017, is still true today.

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