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Grades on Dashboard

On the Canvas mobile app, there is a button to show the percentage/grade you have in each course. This button is simple and shows the grade directly on the dashboard. This button varies slightly on the computer (I am running Windows 11). On the computer, when you press the "View Grades" button it takes you to a new page that lists your grades one-by-one. I was wondering if there is any way to view my grades on my canvas dashboard on my computer similar to how the mobile app has it set up.

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@JohnKoprek -

This has come up previously (I don't remember when).  As it turns out the app has that feature and the browser page does not.  However, there is a chrome extension that will do it for you if you don't mind putting it on your computer and using it.

Canvas Dashboard Grades

There are several extensions for chrome that make various modifications to the display of Canvas information for students.  Another one you may want to consider is

tasks for canvas

this extension gives a more interesting disiplay of the to-d0 list