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Grading Google Slides on Teacher App

I just updated my Canvas teacher app today, and now when I grade assignments, the Google Slide assignments are not showing up through the app (I can only grade them through my desktop). I'm assuming this has something to do with the update. Has anyone encountered a similar problem or found a solution? Thanks!

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Community Coach
Community Coach


I have don't have a Google EDU account to test a Google Slides assignment, but if it worked in the past, but is no longer working I would suggest you contact your local support to investigate and possibly point in a Canvas ticket and/or you can report this issue inside the app itself using the Report an Issue under the Help section: 

How do I get help with the Teacher app on my iOS device? 

Let us know if you find a solution. Thanks. 

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I am having the exact same issue.  I also assumed it was an issue with updating the app. I was just singing the praises of using the Canvas Teacher App to my colleagues and now it’s not working.  I hope there is a fix soon.  I really love being able to grade Google Assignments on my iPad

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This needs fixed soon! I do so many google slide activities with my students (especially now that we are completely paperless using canvas). I love grading with the canvas teacher app but with the most recent update has broken this ability. When I try to load a google cloud assignment that was done with slides in the speed grader within the canvas teacher app all I get is a blank screen. I understand that cloud assignments is going away next september, however, it would be great if speedgrader support could be there for cloud at LEAST until support for the new LTI has rolled out. Some districts have not yet opened the google LTI due to the lack of speed grader support and now speedgrader support has been broken for the cloud assignments too. Also, getting feedback to canvas is extremely confusing now that they changed the way that the feedback can be submitted. I have tweeted at canvas to no reply, our district tried to tell our canvas rep of the issue and was told for teachers to "submit a ticket" for the district admin to advance onward to canvas, but I'm not even clear on what a "ticket" is. Am I supposed to start a whole new topic on this board for it to be considered a ticket? The website says to find the "leave feedback" link in the app settings, however, that link does not exist for me. Am I just supposed to comment when I find someone has already posted the problem like I am doing now? Regardless, this should be fixed soon. 

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