Grading Unsubmitted Google Assignments

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I was not able to find an answer to this specific question, so not sure if it has been resolved. When a student opens a Google Assignment (LTI), the teacher can see what the student has done, but cannot grade it until it has been submitted. When the teacher clicks on the spot to grade the unsubmitted assignment, the message that it cannot be graded until submitted pops up. Is there a way to provide a grade, without going to the Grades page, for Google Assignments that have not been submitted? Is something that is in the works? We have a population of students who struggle with how to submit, or even finishing an assignment, and we would like to give them partial credit for the work they have completed. That is one reason we enjoy using the Google Assignments LTI.

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Hi @jhawk ,

I'm not sure what you mean by "without going to the Grades page." I created an assignment using the Google Assignment LTI 1.3, and I was able to put a grade in the Canvas gradebook right away. No one has turned in anything, but I could type in a score.

Do you have the assignment set up to use the Google Assignment grading option? I don't think Canvas has any control over how the Google grading side works; it's just able to import the scores.

Try setting up the assignment to use the Canvas Speedgrader instead of Google Assignments.

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As @TrishaMeyer1  mentioned, you can put a grade directly in Canvas grade book, and from my understanding, Canvas doesn't have a built-in setting to prevent grading without submission. Thus I think your Canvas's Admin has implemented a custom script (Javascript) to prevent teachers from entering a score when there is no submission. 

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