Has Anyone Seen this? - Firefox on Windows Hides Annotation Tools in Speedgrader

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An instructor familiar with using multiple browsers showed me his personal computer's (Windows) Firefox browser has this message which prevents him from being able to use the annotation tools on submitted papers.



It only shows in Firefox on his computer. When an admin masquerades has him on a different computer, the docviewer annotation tools are available. When he uses Chrome on the same computer the docviewer annotation tools are available. I've posed this question to my consortial group and so far nobody has any rational explanation.

My developer brain thought he may have something in his Firefox browser set to tell the Canvas server that it's a mobile app, but I can't think of how that could have been accidental. I suppose anything's possible.

The workaround is to obviously use the browser that does NOT do this (Chrome). So we're really just curious if anyone out there has seen this before.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @themidiman 

Thank you for contacting the Canvas Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with annotations. Thank you for providing the screenshot. We have seen an influx of these and are currently trying to determine the source of the issue. Right now, it seems to be related to specific  computers and browsers. Please contact Canvas support and let them know which model, browser, version, etc. They will send this to the appropriate personnel working on the fix. In the meantime, try another browser or computer as it seems to only affect certain models.

Because of the complexity of the issue, and the concerns for privacy, it would be best if you contacted Canvas Support directly to pinpoint the source of the issue and provide a resolution:


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