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How can I enter annotations in student papers in the SpeedGrader but hide the feedback until all of the papers have been reviewed?  

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Hi  @jlivingston ,

The "mute assignments" feature is what you need to turn on. Once muted, students cannot see grades or feedback on assignments until you unmute it. Here are a couple guides on how to turn it on (or off) from Speedgrader or the Gradebook:
How do I mute or unmute an assignment in SpeedGrader? 

How do I mute or unmute an assignment in the Gradebook? 


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Okay, I spoke with Tier 1 Canvas support, and we tested out a few things. Apparently whenever you post a new comment in the Speedgrader, all comments become visible (at least for that student) even if the grade has previously been set to “hidden.” However, if after posting your comment, you then manually “Hide” the column once again (despite already being in “hidden” status), it then hides the comments from students.

We tested it out in a demo course, and this workflow seems to work. It’s convoluted, but it does seem to work.

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