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Hello, Canvas friends!

My advising colleague and I are developing a Canvas course to pitch to the department we advise for as a one-stop shop for information such as tutoring, scholarships, internships, registrations tutorials, policy changes, etc. Two other departments in our college have already implemented something similar, and our advising center has a developed an Advising and Registration course for incoming freshmen.

Rather than the Home Page being Announcements or a Modules list, is there a way to create a Home Page of topics with icons or tiles that students are able to click on to reach a module with multiple items?

We're looking for a clean, visually appealing way to organize the Home Page.

Your suggestions are much appreciated!







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Community Coach

Hey Beth

You cannot go far wrong by following Lauren's (Canvas Queen) amazing YouTube video site - How to Elevate Your Canvas LMS Course with Page Layouts - YouTube 

Making anything look amazing in Canvas does require a bit of html (unless you hav eCidiLabs to do it). What is great about the video above is that Lauren is offering her template for free!

There are lots of other pages on Canvas offering ideas for more creative homepages. This link has some nice ideas for front pages  - Michelin Star Menus.. - Instructure Community - 280222 (canvaslms.com)

Some other great ideas and links to help courses here - 2020 Course Design Essentials: Home Page & Sample ... - Instructure Community - 275304 (canvaslms.co...

Also - Teacher Appreciation 2018 | Home Page Templates - Instructure Community - 275466 (canvaslms.com)

Also - Teacher Appreciation Week 2023: Home Page Template - Instructure Community - 568590 (canvaslms.com)

This from Stef was my original inspiration - Creating an inviting course home page - Instructure Community - 267236 (canvaslms.com)

Hope some of these are helpful. Always happy to answer any questions...


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