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How can I assign a quiz to a group?

I want to assign a quiz to a particular group rather than a whole class. I've set up the groups but I don't seem to be able to assign groups in a quiz.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @heatherrestall ...

It doesn't look like you can assign a group to a quiz exactly the same way that you can with an assignment in your course.  However, if you go to your quiz settings (in "Edit" mode), you can remove the "Everyone" label in the "Assign to" box, and then select individual students.  I know this isn't maybe the most ideal, but it might work for your needs.

Community Coach
Community Coach

I agree with Chris, that while you can’t directly assign a quiz to a group you can still accomplish this by adding the individual students in the group to the quiz in the “Assign To” box. For more on how to do this see the following guide - 

Hooe this helps!


Well, it's helpful if you have specific a specific quiz for each group but I am using the QUIZ template to create labs and exercises -- since many of the labs have only one answer then it is much easier to just create a fill in the blank answer. The problem I am trying to overcome is to have the "quiz" (actually an assignment) grade automatically update to the group members' grades. Also, if I were able to assign groups to the assignment (using the quiz template) then any group member could complete the assignment -- not just the individual who had been assigned to the quiz.

It would be helpful to use the quiz template as either an assignment or quiz. Having an assignment template AND a quiz template is a bit redundant.

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Please add this feature. I have students in my class that have completed part of the class already. Some assignments are for everyone-except-them. Feature should be to select or deselect groups or sets. I shouldn't have to do data entry to make this happen.    

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So what do you do when you have 100 groups? Are you saying you manually have to go through your group list, choose a single student in each of the 100 groups, and manually assign that student to the quiz? And do this for every group quiz throughout the assignment?

How has Canvas managed to be deployed in classes over 10 or 11 students? You're asking a lot of the instructors. What are your software developers doing during the work day?

This is exactly what I am doing. Right now only one member on the group submits...painful approach.

There should be an assignment template that combines the quiz and assignment features and then you can give it the label of quiz if you want to but you can also assign it to groups and use the quiz template tools. Having assignment and separate quiz templates is unnecessary since ultimately it is a label issue.

Greetings  @tpavlic  

The feature idea you will want to follow related to this topic can be found at" modifiedtit....  

I also want to draw your attention to What are the Canvas Community guidelines?  We have a very professional and respectful Community here, and we do so by asking our users to follow some very simple guidelines.  It's ok to be critical or share frustration in your posts, but it is not ok to personally attack other individuals that are genuinely seeking the same thing you are.  We are all on the same team here, Ted.  This is not an adversarial relationship.    

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I agree, this is a very useful feature that is needed. The suggested workaround (of assigning the quiz to one student per group) is tedious and in large classes can lead to scoring errors (unless there is an automatic method of transferring that one student's grade to all other group members). Ideally, when suggesting workarounds, the chance of creating errors because of workarounds must also be mentioned.