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How can I assign a quiz to a group?

I want to assign a quiz to a particular group rather than a whole class. I've set up the groups but I don't seem to be able to assign groups in a quiz.

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I agree! I would mainly love this feature so that I can make the quiz available to specific groups during their class period only.

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I hold graded group problem solving sessions in my face-to-face course that I am trying to replicate in the online course and not finding any elegant way. I need the online sessions to be proctored such as with honorlock to ensure students are not looking up answers on the internet. I also need students to be able to set their own group-session time within the week. So its quite like a group quiz. I would very much want such a feature. 

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I use groups as a way to differentiate, so the ability to assign quizzes to different groups is a huge time saver.

Puh-leeze. Ted is absolutely right. The amount of inconsistencies in Canvas is staggering. Why are we able to assign an assignment to a group but not a quiz? The first time that this obvious oversight was brought up, why wasn't it fixed? What *do* the engineers who work for your organization do all day?



I agree this feature would be very helpful. Unfortunately, selecting individuals to which to assign a quiz is not a good option when you teach 100+ students or when you want students to get into groups randomly to complete the "quiz" as an exercise.

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Please add this feature.  I have my class of 300 divided into groups and one set of groups who is participating in class just has to take a picture of their work and turn it in.  I created an assignment for that ...done.  Those that are not participating are asked a bit more involved questions that the quiz feature can handle.  I go to assign the quiz to these students and realize that all the work done in creating this group will have be done 38 more times for the 38 quizzes they have over the course of the semester.  It is so frustrating to know that I will have to spend a lot of time assigning 40 individuals instead of assigning a group.  

I would like students to take group quizzes that promote discourse.  It is part of the TBL structure, where students take the quiz individually, and then take the same quiz as a group.  This is a wonderful strategy, but Quizzes in Canvas does not support it.

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Here is a work-around for those who would like this feature. Canvas now supports exporting group membership by CSV (without having to resort to using the API). Export your group membership and then re-import them as SECTIONS. To do this, go to "People" and then (with mild modifications to the exported group-membership CSV) import your students to sections with the same names as your groups. You can then assign the quiz to different sections. 

This manual group-to-section bridge is far less tedious than adding students one-by-one to each quiz. It is still not perfect.

I have taken this approach to generate a kind of "sign-up" for different assignments (similar to the sign-up options in the calendar for office hours/meetings). I turn on self-enrollment for a certain group set. Then, at a deadline I give them, I convert all of the groups in the group set to sections. Each section is associated with a different assignment option (which might only vary in due date). 

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I like @tpavlic 's post about a shortcut to mirror group membership with section membership, but it only offers the functionality of differentiating quiz assignments to individual students.  It is more of an administrative function, and less of a pedagogical function.  The functionality I am looking for is team/group quizzing the functions the same way that a group assignment functions - and the learning objective is collaboration, peer instruction, consensus building, etc.

Team/Group quizzing is wonderful for students for promoting discourse and community.  It also switches up the perspective on assessment overall, which is overturning lots of preconceived notions about how students learn and how they demonstrate mastery.  Perhaps not enough votes happened for this functionality in Canvas Quizzes initially because the world was still focused on high-stakes assessments with "integrity" as the gold standard.  We have come a long way since then - Canvas please take note.

I guide instructors, for example, on how to implement TBL, and the GRAT phase is not doable in Canvas at this time.  Consider that this is a feature that would support students directly, by shifting the assessment further in their direction to more thoroughly support learning and retention.

Canvas cannot do the most simple of tasks when it comes to quizzes.