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How can I assign a quiz to a group?

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I want to assign a quiz to a particular group rather than a whole class. I've set up the groups but I don't seem to be able to assign groups in a quiz.

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Is assigning a Quiz to a Group Set on the Canvas Roadmap?

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Assigning individually is not a solution.

What if you have one person absent?  I need to assign a quiz to a group (so that it grades it) but gives the scores to the group....  putting individual names in for every group assignment each time I have one is not feasible.   (and I'd have to change the person if someone is absent...)


I would like to assign my quizzes to a group.

Plus it doesn't allow for very good differentiation!!!!

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Will New Quizzes offer the ability to assign a quiz to Groups, where one quiz submission pushes the grade to everyone in the Group?

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It's very frustrating that I discovered this flaw in Canvas today on January 7, 2022 and when I went to search for a solution I found this thread that was started in 2018. Come on.