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How can I assign a quiz to a group?

I want to assign a quiz to a particular group rather than a whole class. I've set up the groups but I don't seem to be able to assign groups in a quiz.

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Is assigning a Quiz to a Group Set on the Canvas Roadmap?

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Assigning individually is not a solution.

What if you have one person absent?  I need to assign a quiz to a group (so that it grades it) but gives the scores to the group....  putting individual names in for every group assignment each time I have one is not feasible.   (and I'd have to change the person if someone is absent...)


I would like to assign my quizzes to a group.

Plus it doesn't allow for very good differentiation!!!!

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Will New Quizzes offer the ability to assign a quiz to Groups, where one quiz submission pushes the grade to everyone in the Group?

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It's very frustrating that I discovered this flaw in Canvas today on January 7, 2022 and when I went to search for a solution I found this thread that was started in 2018. Come on.


You will find that Canvas is not very responsive to requests for these basic things like assigning quizzes to groups, partial credit in As has been stated previously, lack of ability to group students for differentiated quizzes (or other reasons) is unacceptable, but unlikely to ever change.