How can I find out who imported content in a course?

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We have a variety of admin and instructors who have the ability to import content from 1 course to another. How can we determine who imported content? The import page tells us the date and time it was imported but doesn't say who performed the import. Is there a way to figure that out?

We can see who sync'd the blueprint to associated courses which is really nice and we are hoping there is something similar for content import. 

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Community Coach

Good morning, @Ryan-Allen ...

This is absolutely possible!  If you are a Canvas admin, here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to the course in question, and then look at the URL for the course to grab the Course ID number.  (Example: where 12345 is your Course ID.
  2. Next, using this Guide: How do I view course activity for an account? - Instructure Community - 160 (, you're going to use that Course ID number in the "Logging" tab, and place the Course ID number in the provided text box.  It should find the course name for you to select.  You do not need to put any dates in either of the date fields.
  3. Click "Find".

This will display rows for that course, and you can view the details of when course imports happened and who did them.

Hope this will be helpful to you!

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