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How do I assign teacher-led and interactive lesson videos

I am having trouble pasting links to google classroom for my student's lessons. For some reason, I cannot add students to my classroom in Top Score Writing, so I am trying to share the teacher-led videos and interactive lessons with my class. 

The videos will work for a short time, but the interactive lessons won't work at all.

1. How do I add students to my Top Score class in topscorewriting?

2. If I can't do that/not allowed (which is ridiculous), how do I share my interactive video lessons with them.

I am using the digital plan.

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Hello @StephenHickman 

Thanks for posting this in the global Canvas Community! 

Are the interactive lessons in Google Classroom? Are you trying to share those into your Canvas course? 

For adding students to your Top Score class in topscorewriting, are asking about how to add them in Google Classroom? or in your canvas course?

  • HERE is a guide from Google on How to add students to your class.
  • If you are trying to add students to your course in Canvas, You can usually do that by going to the people are of your course. HERE is a guide on how to do that. 

For your question about the interactive videos, are you able to embed them on a page in Canvas? Pages should allow you to paste an embed code.

  • HERE is a guide on how to do that.
  • You can also hyperlink of embed a file from Google drive. HERE is a guide on how to do that. 

Hopefully this helps!