How do I create a Canvas account for an independent school

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DISCLAIMER: Sorry if this is a repeat question... I have tried searching and haven't found anything


I am trying to find out the steps that are needed to start a Canvas account at a private, independent language school. We have teachers who are using Canvas for free, but we would like to have one that our administration can create/design (with the hierarchy aspect as well).

I'm struggling with finding information on how to get in touch with a Customer Success Team, how much it would cost for the school, and how to get started in general.

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Hello there, @PaulHarrington ...

I needed to ask one of the Canvas Community Managers on where I could point you to some helpful information.  I was given the following link for you to check out: Try a Canvas Demo | Instructure.  Hopefully that will get more conversations started with you and others from your school with Instructure folks.  Good luck!

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