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How do I edit or delete "Saved comment for reuse"?

In Speedgrader > View Rubric you have the option to "Save this comment for reuse" under the Ratings column.

I've done this a few times.

Now I'd like to remove some comments or edit them.

How do I at least delete, if not edit, these items in the drop-down menu once they are created?

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I also would like this feature added. I would like to edit or delete comments in the ratings section of the rubric that are saved for reuse. As earlier mentioned the only workaround is to recreate the assignment. Smiley Sad

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+1  ...Has this really not been addressed after 2.5 years? It is such an obvious need, only someone who has never marked student work would not recognise this as essential (and such a person shouldn't be designing/developing this system!). When tutors add comments, the list grows. Other tutors start using those comments. Sometimes they are not appropriate, or poorly written by inexperienced tutors, but we cannot remove them. Soon the list is so long that it is unusable, and becomes redundant. You should be able to build and edit a table of Saved/Library comments, and even copy them across into the Saved Comment table of another rubric/course.

I have to say the the inability to edit comments in rubrics is what I personally find to be the single worst "feature" in the whole of Canvas. It really makes me wonder what kind of feedback instructors are giving their students on assignments, if they cannot easily edit and save comments for re-use. IMHO, ratings are nearly useless in terms of specific feedback to students.

Agreed!  This is also problematic when a course is inherited, and the previous instructor saved multiple comments for reuse, that you do not wish to use yourself!

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I came here with the same problem too! I have adjusted comments over the years and I import courses so it migrates comments from say 3 years ago. I can't believe this hasn't been fixed! Ugh. Canvas. Please give us the function to be able to go in an edit or delete "saved" comments from the rubric grading.

I absolutely agree!!!

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I also would like to be able to decide whether I want to keep my additional comments when I reuse my matrix for a new assignment. It would be helpful if one could at least download the comments. Years ago (old Blackboard), I used to have all my comments in a word document and copy appropriate from there. It seems to be more straightforward (and editable) than the current Canvas solution.

Hi Chofer,

I see that a large number of Canvas users have asked for Canvas to allow instructors to delete their "saved comments" in Canvas rubrics.  Canvas users have been asking for this since the original posting in 2018.  It is now 2021, and those requests do not seem to have been addressed.  Each person who has requested that change had to search the web to find this discussion thread, in hopes of finding out how to solve the problem.  And each of us has found that the problem has not been addressed. How long must Canvas users be forced to request the same change to the usability of Canvas without it being implemented?

I look forward to your response!

Best wishes,

Les Loschky