How do I participate with themes?

Instructure’s Product Managers identify and create themes based on trends identified from idea submissions. You can read more about themes in How do Ideas and Themes Work in the Instructure Community ?

Vote on "Open for Voting" Themes

During the two voting windows per year, you may vote on Open for Voting themes that you believe will provide the most value to you and your organization.

​​To open and read a theme, click the theme title [1]. Then, to vote for the theme, click the Vote icon [2].

Join Discussions and Provide Feedback on "Prioritized" Themes

Once Product Managers select themes, they will engage the Community in discussion prompts throughout the development cycle. Join the discussion to provide feedback, and stay up to date on new comments by subscribing to themes of interest.

Subscribe or Bookmark a Theme

To view the options for a theme, click the Options icon [1].

Bookmarks enable you to list your idea on a special page so you can easily find it again. To bookmark a theme, click the Bookmark option [2]. 

Subscriptions allow you to receive email updates whenever users interact with a theme. To subscribe to a theme, click the Subscribe option [3].