How do I remove a prerequisite for a module for just one student?

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It's a long story...but I have a student who I manually entered grades for, for 8 out of 10 modules. All modules have prerequisites. Because she didn't actually submit anything to complete the module(s) to move onto the next module, she can't access any modules because they are all locked. 

Am I able to unlock modules 1-8 for her but keep the modules prerequisites in place for the rest of the students? 

Thank you in advance. Heather 

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Please try this.

IF the module completion requirements are all assignment based (submit to..., score at least a...), try this: 

  1. Excuse the student from all of the module requirements for the prerequisite modules by typing EX in for the grade for each assignment in the gradebook. 
  2. Delete the EX grade for each assignment. This will make it clear that the student still needs to complete the assignments, and will open quizzes back up for submission. 


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