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Can I play submitted video files directly in Canvas?

I recently had a lot of students submit their video edits (compressed to H.264 for streaming) to a Canvas assignment; limiting the uploaded format to mov,.mp4, and .m4v.

How do I play these directly in Canvas as a streaming file rather than it being downloaded to my computer every time I click the video in Speedgrader (which isn't so speedy doing it this way)?

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Hello @TangierClarke 

Thanks for posting this in the Global Canvas Community! 

I know that there are certain types of video formats that can be previewed in Canvas. HERE is a guide I found on that. They also list that 'If you upload a file that is not supported by the Canvas media player, you can have users download the file to view outside of Canvas'

The Canvas guide lists that the following video formats are supported for playback: 

FLV – Flash Video

ASF – Windows Media
QT – Apple QuickTime

MOV – Apple QuickTime

MPG – Digital Video Format

MPEG – Digital Video Format

AVI – Digital Video Format

M4V – Digital Video Format

WMV – Windows Media

MP4 – Digital Video Format

3GP – Multimedia Mobile Format

When you go to speedgrader after the students have submitted, do you get an option that says Click Here To View? or is it forcing you to download them? 

Thank you for the reply.  I do not get any option to 'Click Here to View'. The files are m4v QuickTime movies which really are just mp4 videos.  I could change the extension, but that doesn't help.

Any additional thoughts? Here's an attached look at what I see on the right side of the screen in SpeedGrader:


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Can you help me understand how to get the Click Here to Play feature?

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